How To Serve A Warrant – Then and Now

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An old-time retired cop explains the difference between then and now, between a knock on the door and a battering ram, between a police car and an armored vehicle, between one or two officers and a SWAT team, between seeing a cop and seeing a covered ninja, between a holstered gun and a machine gun, etc.

He explains that the most important cause is the Drug War and within it SEIZURE and ASSET FORFEITURE.

I found it extremely interesting that the utterly perverse procedures and incentives of today come to reflect themselves in the culture and attitudes of the police officers of today. Their behavior and thinking alters so as to accommodate what they are doing, that is, their brutal over-the-top invasions and their views of the people they might need to arrest or serve warrants to as enemies to be feared, assaulted and shot with little or no provocation. This old-timer therefore speaks of a gulf between him and the young generation of officers of today.

This reminds me. Whatever happened in that room when the FBI shot and killed an already-captured detainee (Ibragim Todashev) in the Boston Marathon case? The FBI has stonewalled this one. Accounts conflict. On January 7, 2014, the Boston Globe was still asking for an explanation.

In my opinion, America has stopped working, or at least is severely injured, in exceedingly important respects, one of them being the Department of Justice. The media also do not stay on these cases. Neither do Congressmen. Lawyers can’t seem to break down the government bureaucracies. It would appear that the incentive systems to bring out truth and adhere to some semblance of age-old law procedures have been thwarted or weakened or even dismantled. I am unsure exactly how this has been brought about. However, the governing institutions are not working even as well as they did 50 years ago.

9:20 am on January 20, 2014