How To Make Things Worse: Value-Added Tax

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I’d like to see the federal government be dismantled, if only because it keeps getting worse and in the limit makes everyone’s lives miserable. How many people are already miserable? How many already are more miserable because air travel is such a pain?

The Republican platform has a plank calling for a value-added tax. This they won’t do, we are told by the reporter. I won’t forecast, but I will say that by placing this in the platform, it makes it more likely that Obama and his gang will do it. Remember, the Feds have to mend the deficits if they want to maintain spending, and higher taxes are a way to do that, and Obama in 2010 said that the value-added tax was an option, and in 2011 he appointed an adviser (Krueger) who thinks the value-added tax is a cool idea.

It’s a bad idea as any tax is that finances unjust laws unjustly forced on people, which is virtually a definition of the government we face. Being taxed on consumption means being taxed on use of one’s income, and so the tax falls on labor and income-production, which includes those who generate profits and use capital to do so. The tax thieves will have N different lies (arguments) about why the value-added tax is a good idea, but the tax is only there to support larger government spending and that only chokes the life out of economic activity.

9:07 am on September 1, 2012