How to Convert Me to Your New Religion of Global Warming

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…in 14 Easy Steps! Includes the 10 Tenents of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warmism:


  •  The globe warmed over the course of the 20th century.
  •  The globe is warming right now.
  •  The global warming is going to continue in the future.
  •  This warming is unusual, unnatural, and unprecedented.
  •  This warming is an overall bad thing.
  •  This warming is caused mainly by increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  •  Human CO2 emissions are responsible for most of the warming.
  •  Humans are capable of reducing their global CO2 emissions.
  •  A significant amount of warming could be avoided if humans reduced their CO2 emissions.
  •  The amount of CO2 emissions reductions that would be achieved by bringing in a CO2 tax will reduce the amount of global warming by a large enough amount as to be worth the economic pain that would come with the application of a CO2 tax.

H/T Kevin S and Jo Nova.

10:50 am on April 12, 2014