How the Smearbund is Destroying Itself

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Young people see through the absurd lies about us coming from Cato, Reason, Steve Horwitz, and other beltway haters and losers. B.C. from Ursinus College writes: “I’m a college junior and an avid reader of LRC and, and I can safely say that I and all of the Austrians my age can see through the bizarre claims of the ‘smearbund.’ We’re not buying any of the beltway lies. You guys don’t have to worry.”

High schooler John L. writes of the smearbund: “They will destroy themselves. Ron Paul and LRC are completely obliterating them in page views [on the internet]. I am a follower of the Mises Institute and libertarianism in general and am eager to go to college where I can learn from one of the many scholars like yourself.”

I wonder how many young people are writing Tom Palmer and saying: “I can’t wait to visit Cato and learn from you how to accuse your intellectual opponents and institutional rivals of being Holocaust deniers and slavery defenders without being sued for slander.” (Not that a slander lawsuit has been ruled out).

7:20 am on February 5, 2008