How the MSM Deals With a Crisis

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At the current meeting of the parliament of the European Union, EU president Mirek Topolanek – who is also prime minister of the Czech Republic – characterized Obama’s “stimulus” program as a “way to hell.” Meanwhile, an EU parliament member, Daniel Hannan, characterized British prime minister Gordon Brown as a “devalued prime minister of a devalued government.” “You have run out of our money,” Hannan accused Brown, and are “pathologically incapable of taking responsibility” for your actions.

In times as critical as these, when moral and economic analysis is so badly needed – such as one hears from the likes of Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, and Messrs. Topolanek and Hannan – how do we see the mainstream media responding to this criticism at the EU? On CNN’s “Situation Room”, one of that network’s foreign correspondents, Richard Quest, could do no more than smirk and giggle at such comments. I suspect that, like other members of the lapdog media, the CNN people will fail to understand why the MSM is rapidly collapsing into a black hole.

3:23 pm on March 25, 2009