How the innocent are treated until proven “guilty”

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America’s jails are filled with petty drug offenders, prostitutes, child-support scofflaws, and mediocre parents who would all be contributing much more to society were they on the outside. There are also people in jail who are just plain innocent of anything, but since they’ve been arrested, the system treats them as if they had already been tried, convicted, and sentenced to jail time.

Drudge recently featured a news story that describes an increasingly common scenario in which a judge assaults the life or property of another human and escapes without any serious sanction. However, it was a comment in the com box that caught my attention since it accurately reflects what people endure in jail after being shoved into one of these socialist holes known as jails:

Okay this is an easy one. First arrest the judge. Impound his car. Hold the judge in jail after taking his fingerprints and turning all his cash into a check that has to be deposited in his bank and inaccessible for 5 to 10 days. Make sure the processing part takes 6-8 hours and if he wants food or water tell him he can drink out of a bathroom that is so filthy you wouldn’t let your dog go in there. Feed him squished baloney sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and supper. Hold the judge until another judge, usually running at least 2 hours late, shows up to set bond. Make sure the arrested judge has to wear jail uniform and be hand cuffed to a miscreant coming off of heroin. When the arrested judge tries to speak, interrupt him repeatedly telling him how much you don’t care and how he must come up with bond and hire an attorney. When he says it is just a misunderstanding, threaten him with contempt of court. Make him pay a bail bondsman an exorbitant fee. Release him in the middle of the night after receiving the money from whomever he wakes up in the middle of the night to come get him after making his saviors wait at least 4 hours in a lobby. Allow the Auto impound fee to charge him hundreds of dollars to get his now damaged car back with personal items missing from the interior. Set his court date and reset his court date after he appears at the appropriate court on the appropriate date at least three times. If he has an attorney, the attorney gets to charge every time he shows up. Fine him boo-koo bucks because now he just wants it over. Put him on probation for 6-12 months having to take pee tests and allow intellectually limited public servants regulate where he can and can not go and regulating who he can and can not see. Make him do community service, signing a waiver that says if he gets hurt he cannot sue anyone. Make him pay for the probation service and additional fees to MADD and/or some drug re-hab group…

Yes, I realize that there are real criminals in jails too. Rapists, murderers, thieves and the like. But this makes jails all the more unjust since non-violent non-criminals are forced daily to live side-by-side with such people thanks to disastrous policies like the War on Drugs and other laws against victimless “crimes” such as prostitution.

10:56 pm on August 14, 2009