How the Department of Homeland Insecurity ‘Boosts’ Private Sector Wages

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Here in New York City (aka The New World Order West) the 9/11 celebration (celebration, that is, to the Banking families and their One World Government minions) is still going on a day later. I heard on a news report an interview of some commercial drivers, one of whom had to go through THREE checkpoints in Manhattan. But the commercial drivers don’t mind the beefed-up fearmongering security because…because…because…well, it’s not because of the usual mindless propaganda that comes out of their mouths, i.e., “I don’t mind the hassle because I feel safer.” No. The reason that the drivers don’t mind the extra time they have to go through this fearmongering charade is because they are paid HOURLY wages.

Yet another great government economic “stimulus.”

2:37 pm on September 12, 2011