How the Beast’s Votaries Justify Themselves

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The police-state not only tries to intimidate the serfs here in the USSA with its “terror drills” but those overseas as well, the ones subsisting in its imperial possessions. And so last week the TSA sponsored an “exercise” in which “Representatives from dozens of government,  military, aviation and shipping organizations partnered [sic for ‘collaborated in fascism’] to educate and understand threats to airline security and commercial aircraft in Mangilao,” Guam.

Here’s how one of the leeches excused both the “exercise” and the TSA’s other criminality and abuses: “… The law enforcement officers understand the threats, they train on those things and see the materials often but you talk about the civilian entities … They don’t necessarily get to see these things on a regular basis so it drives home the point of why our inspection teams, our canine teams are out there every day. There’s a reason why we are doing what we are doing and it’s for the safety and common good of the travelling public.”

Another of the TSA’s sponging spokesliars added, ““We recognize that commercial aviation is a big piece of the Americans [sic] people’s freedoms and we at TSA never want to see another 9/11 or anything remotely similar to it.” No, they much prefer the Feds to systematically gate-rape millions while shredding the Constitution rather than to incinerate 3000.

Over the 8 years or so that I’ve been covering the TSA, I’ve noticed that its employees (and probably everyone “working” for the State) divide into three classifications: the ones who are there for the thrill of groping strangers and stealing their stuff; others who need a job, any job, and would kill their own mothers if someone paid ‘em enough; and the true believers, like the bozos quoted above. All three are dangerous, but perhaps the last group poses the greatest threat to us. They’re the sort who staffed the camps and ovens, then went home and kissed their children good-night while thanking their wives for a delicious dinner. They help wounded vets and volunteer for “community service.” And they stand straight as a ramrod when the flag passes by with a hand firmly over their heart while the other itches to shoot anyone not genuflecting to Leviathan.

9:17 am on August 26, 2013