How Our Rulers Deal With Blown Tires When Drunk

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A drunk cop near Las Vegas drove several miles on a blown tire in “a $50,000 unmarked SWAT vehicle,” rim sparking the while. Another motorist tried to alert Officer Sot; naturally, the cop ignored him. So the motorist called 911, reporting a drunk driver whose car was on fire.

You can guess the outcome: “Las Vegas police, which investigated the fire, determined nothing criminal had taken place and did not take an incident report, spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said.”

Thanks to Bill Martin for this vastly entertaining story.

Update: This is not an isolated incident. A friend sent me another article involving a soused cop, missing tires, and no penalties. This time, it was the chief of police (aptly named Leach, as my correspondent pointed out) in Riverside, California. He drove on two rims after he crashed his “city-owned Chrysler 300″  and fled the scene. And he, too, received the gentle treatment Our Rulers accord one another: the cop who pulled him over quickly realized who he was and courteously asked “the chief if he need[ed] some help getting home.”  Chief Leach — love it! — eventually resigned, but only because a newspaper reported this farce.

8:13 am on March 13, 2013