How Much Is a Seat in Congress Worth?

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In taxpayer money, I mean?

Reports say that Rove raised $100 million, and unions raised $250 million, for races across the country. But that’s chump change in Obamaland. Obama spent $619,000,000 (six hundred and nineteen million dollars) to keep one congressional seat—and he got it all from the taxpayer.

And whom did Obama buy with your money? Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly, who betrayed his pro-life supporters in Indiana’s second district (I know, we’re shocked!). The money came in after Donnelly delivered the votes needed to put Obamacare over the top.

So one congressional seat alone cost taxpayers almost two-thirds of a billion dollars.

A “Catholic” and graduate of Notre Dame, Donnelly knows all about the story of those thirty pieces of silver. But that’s chump change, too, because thirty ounces of silver goes for about $750 these days. Donnelly got almost ten times that from Obama—per voter!

That’s right, taxpayers paid $6,777 apiece for each Donnelly vote.

Donnelly says he voted his “conscience.” Well, we know what that’s worth.

UPDATE: B.D. advises me that “A ‘piece of silver,’ or shekel, was about half an ounce (0.497 oz.).” So today’s going rate would be about $375.

Wow. Donnelly was really overpaid!

11:28 pm on November 2, 2010