How Many “Salute to the Troops” Do We Really Need?

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Just watched the latest Salute to the State at the start of Monday Night Football with a gigantic flag shaped like a turkey and a very effeminate-looking and -sounding U.S. Army glee club singing the Anthem to War and Statism.  They all looked like they could make cameos on the TV show “Glee,” in fact.

There are 14 NFL games each week, and there is always a “salute to the troops” at the start of every one of them.  This is week 11 of the NFL season, which means there have already been about 140 over-the-top Salutes to Statism during NFL games.  That’s just professional football.  College football is even worse, but NASCAR is orders of magnitude worse than any other sport.  How much worshipping the god of the military is enough?

On the other hand, let a Tim Tebow kneel silently by himself on the sidelines and briefly pray to God at the end of a game, and the entire media establishment is endlessly outraged, never, ever, mentioning his name without the adjectives “divisive” and “controversial.”

(After the first series of downs in the New England Patriots/Carolina Panthers game, an advertisement implored me to go to and check out its “Salute to Service” propaganda).

7:54 pm on November 18, 2013