How Many Private Americans Died in 2010 Due to Terror Incidents?

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Fifteen (15) according to the U.S. government’s 2010 Report on Terrorism, the most comprehensive of its kind. Of these, thirteen (13) were in Afghanistan, one (1) in Iraq, and one (1) in Uganda.

These data suggest that the War on Terror for the sake of American security is entirely fraudulent. They suggest that the unbelievably high U.S. military expenditures that are often loosely linked to terror concerns cannot be justified by any conceivable terror threats.

Further evidence in support of these inferences are data from the same report on the total deaths by country worldwide associated with terror incidents in 2010. The largest number is 3,364 in Iraq. The second largest is 3,202 in Afghanistan. The U.S. attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan have without question caused terrorist attacks to soar in those two countries. Before the U.S. made war on Saddam Hussein and on the Taliban, who ever heard of terrorism being a problem in those lands? And who in his right mind regarded whatever terrorism existed there as a significant threat to America or American lives?

10:44 am on May 21, 2012