How Has It Come to Such Police Behavior?

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When my family moved to a small town of 3,000 in the off-tourist season, there was one policeman. His name was Elmer Hutchins, and he was a good guy. He traded with us, so we knew him. There was one local sheriff’s deputy, named Ozzie Amireault. Likewise, and he lived 3 houses down.

The evidence that police behavior has shifted radically is overwhelming. What used to be experienced by black people is now being experienced by all Americans. Changes like this that are institutionalized are not random. They are caused and purposeful. If you will think about how this has come about, you will find there are numerous causes of the bad result, and each such cause is an evil to be rectified. Each evil cause has been intentionally introduced. Each has to be ended or substantially modified in order to start ending the growing police state. I reckon this will take lots of demonstrations and protests and a mass movement.

6:25 pm on July 7, 2013