How Former Tyrants and Thieves Enjoy Their Retirement

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Former U.S. Torturer General John Ashcroft came to town to defend the Patriot Act, Guantanamo and wiretapping. It’s mind boggling how he and others, who have made a living waging war against the lives and liberties of millions around the world, can now go from town to town not just talking about their criminal and evil ways but also getting paid (extra) for it.

Once a bureaurat (no typo there) or politician reaches a high-level agency, the money starts to roll in. Tens of thousands per speech is not unusual. Do a couple a week while you’re still relevant and you’re all set! And it’s not just speeches but book deals, memberships on advisory boards, libraries, media appearances, honorary degrees and endless accolades. A real shame that anyone would give these folks anything other than utter contempt.

6:10 pm on December 5, 2007