How Easy It Is To Find an Alexander Hamilton Quote To ‘Justify’ Trashing the Constitution

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The warmongering imperialists at the War Street Journal, like their comrades at the Claremont Institute and National Review, are always ready to dredge up a quote from either Alexander Hamilton or his political descendant, Abraham Lincoln, to “justify” the lawless abandonment of the U.S. Constitution and the unlimited growth of the warfare state.

The latest example of this is how a recent unsigned editorial in the WSJ announced that “Some commentators assert an abstract sense that government has gone too far” by spying on several billion phone calls per day, emails, tweets, etc.  The Journal then invokes the words of the mighty Hamilton that “the vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty.”  If history proves anything, it proves that this is the exact opposite of the truth.  War has always been the health of the state, and the state is always and everywhere the enemy of liberty.  (See Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan).  And commentators don’t just “assert” an “abstract” principle here; their criticisms are based on the REALITY of NSA spying and the demolition of the Fourth Amendment.

The neocons use Hamilton as their “justification” for a totalitarian police state because Hamilton was the foremost sworn enemy of limited, constitutional government during his time.  At the constitutional convention he advocated a “permanent president” who would appoint all governors who would be mere puppets of an American king.  When the convention failed to adopt his nationalist plan and adopted federalism instead, he stormed out and denounced the Constitution as a “frail and worthless fabric.”  He spent the rest of his life subverting and undermining it by inventing the theory of “implied powers” of the Constitution and expansive interpretations of the Commerce and General Welfare Clauses.  His fundamental constitutional philosophy was that the document could be used by clever lawyer/politicians like himself to rubber stamp anything and everything the federal leviathan state ever wanted to do.  This is why his nemesis, Jefferson, considered him to be a corrupt and dangerous man.  We have lived under the “Hamiltonian Constitution” ever since 1865 when the principle was established (at gunpoint) that the federal government would forevermore be the sole arbiter of the constitutionality of its own powers through its own “Supreme” Court.  The fox has been guarding the constitutional henhouse for very long time; it’s time to call in Animal Control by resurrecting the rights of peaceful secession and nullification. (See my book, Hamilton’s Curse, for more details about Hamilton and the curse of Hamiltonianism).

8:59 am on June 15, 2013