How Appropriate

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Washington, D.C.’s crumbling St. Elizabeths Hospital is getting a new lease on its life as an institution for the insane. Its grounds are to be the new home for the Department of Homeland Security.

This will be the largest federal construction project since the Pentagon. When the Pentagon and the DHS are the two largest federal construction projects, that tells you a lot about where our country is headed.

Local businessmen are not sure how much they will benefit from this massive influx of bureaucrats, however. You see, St. E is located in Anacostia—not exactly tony Georgetown.  Rather it’s probably the poorest and most crime-ridden section of Washington. And the DHS fortress will be surrounded by a secure perimeter. The local businessmen wonder how many 9-to-5 security-conscious bureaucrats will want to wander beyond that secure perimeter.

Sort of reminds you of the U.S. Embassy and the Green Zone in Baghdad, doesn’t it? With the Washington natives standing in for the native Iraqis outside the gates.

4:11 pm on April 26, 2010