How 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

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The latest issue of Newsweek is reporting that the 9/11 Commission will conclude that the terrorist attacks could have been prevented if only federal bureaucrats did a better job of “sharing information.” If so, then look for a huge new centralized bureaucracy — a Department of Homeland Information Sharing. The apparent conclusion is that the federal government did not have enough power, and was not centralized enough.

9/11 could have been prevented if the FAA only allowed airline pilots to arm themselves and allow the airline corporations to take on the responsibility of defending their own employees, passengers and property. Then, if the Mad Muslim Maniacs would have attacked the cockpit with their plastic box cutters drawn, the pilots could have easily blown them away, Indiana Jones style. This suggests that the real cause of 9/11 was too much government interference in air transportation, not too little.

11:37 am on March 29, 2004