Hospital Hackers Misguided; Justina Pelletier Still Being Held Involuntarily

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 The hacker group Anonymous has allegedly hacked into and sabotaged the website of Boston Children’s Hospital in the name of trying to free Justina Pelletier, and allegedly hacked and sabotaged the website of the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts where Justina has been held in detention against her will. Justina’s medical treatment was wrongfully discontinued and her case seized by psychiatrists at Children’s Hospital, after which her condition has deteriorated, and doctors had the state’s Department of Children and Families take custody of Justina away from her parents.

Now, I am totally against any hacking into the hospital’s website without authorization, sabotage or other acts of property destruction or aggression as a means of expressing a cause. In my opinion, whoever committed such acts against the hospital’s and Wayside’s websites had committed criminal acts. But, had the parents taken Justina out of the hospital even with the help of armed guards, against the will of the government’s dictators, of course that would be risky on their part, but I would certainly support them if they had done that. The real criminals in that instance are the doctors, hospital administrators, DCF social workers and their enforcers who have abducted the girl and have been holding her in a state of imprisonment in addition to endangering her life by withholding medical treatment. Human beings who have been taken hostage by false “authorities” (government, medical or otherwise), and whose lives are being physically harmed by the captors, have a right to escape to safety, either by themselves or with the help of others.

Another notable event yesterday was the confrontation between a representative of the Pelletier family, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, and Gov. Deval Patrick. Pelletier family supporters have been urging Gov. Patrick to step in and personally intervene in getting Justina back home with her family. According to the Blaze, Mahoney referred to a letter by Patrick to a Massachusetts state representative, mentioning a judge’s decision on Justina’s fate “based on a detailed record of the history of neglect in the home,” even though Justina’s father had stated that no Massachusetts DCF people ever visited them at home, but Connecticut DCF did visit them and found no evidence of neglect or abuse there. (In other words, Patrick is full of it here.) A video of the confrontation is on the Blaze article.

10:48 am on April 25, 2014