Hooray for Jim DeMint

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I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s a good thing when a big-time US senator resigns a safe seat to head a Beltway think-tank. Perhaps it shows that, ultimately, he lacks the Genghis Khan-like lust for power that animates our overlords. Perhaps he’s sick of the evil world of politics and senatorial lizards. Perhaps he simply wants to make a lot more money. Still, it’s good to follow the Ron Paul example: leaving Congress for the private sector. The Heritage Foundation is a neocon outfit, of course. But DeMint has not been the worst warmonger in the Senate, and he was always decent to Ron. Will he moderate Heritage’s views, even a little? Probably not. The neocons rule that roost. And they are the most despicable ideological tendency on the right.

UPDATE from Travis Holte: “Perhaps he just wants off the USS Titanic.”

10:58 am on December 6, 2012