Wallis: Honor Kennedy by Implementing Socialist Medical Care

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Almost on cue, Jim Wallis of Sojourners demands that we “honor” Ted Kennedy by having the state direct all (as opposed to most) medical care in this country.  Writes Wallis:

On the occasion of his death, I pray that God may now move us as a nation to address the greatest commitment of Sen. Kennedy’s life — the need for a comprehensive reform of the health-care system in America — as a deeply moral issue and one that calls forth the very best that is within us. May we honor the life and death of Sen. Edward Kennedy by laying aside the rancor, lies, fear, and even hate that has come to dominate the health-care debate in America this summer, and regain our moral compass by recovering the moral core of this debate: that too many Americans are hurting and suffering in a broken and highly inequitable health-care system, and that it is our moral obligation to repair and reform it — now.

Wallis writes of the “deep Catholic faith” of Kennedy, as though this hedonist who spent most of his adult life making a mockery of the Church and its moral directives  actually cared about anything other than where he would have his next sexual conquest.

4:23 pm on August 26, 2009