Honduras as Warning?

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Phil Giraldi went to Tegucigalpa to report. Giraldi’s outstanding and clear explanation at Campaign for Liberty is worth a read.

It occurs to me that Washington’s anger at the Honduran Supreme Court and the Honduran Congress is less anger than fear. If a relatively new and untested constitution might be enforced to unseat a President, without mutiny and in close accordance with the law, how much more possible is it that Americans themselves will wake up to the existing law of the land here at home?

What, you say? Crazy talk? Consider the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, expanding into Pakistan and Iran (none with a Congressional declaration of war). Consider the unauditable Federal Reserve, the bailouts and government purchases and claims laid on private companies, and arbitrary interpretation of contract and bankruptcy law with its “Too Big to Fail” mantra. Consider Obama’s Bush-like considerations of imprisoning for life uncharged and unchargeable persons in the name of federal security. Did I mention torture? Never mind.

Somewhere in the world a Constitution is being exercised. God forbid it happen in the United States.

7:42 am on July 9, 2009