Homeschooling and the U.S. Military

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The Economist gives a fairly (by now) standard summary of homeschooling in the U.S. Kids do well academically, are comfortable socially, etc. But here is something I haven't heard before:

But one study did find higher attrition rates when they enter the armed forces.

With the homeschooling-oriented Patrick Henry College serving as a feeding program to the CIA and other dark parts of the Empire, I had resigned myself to the homeschooling movement being used by the state as well. But here is a ray of hope. Can anyone shed light on this? I want to hear that homeschooled soldiers react to the immoral and authoritarian nature of the U.S. military (despite probably being schooled in the divinely-ordained goodness of the U.S. government.) But what is the truth of this?

10:04 pm on December 30, 2012