Homeschooling and Panarchist Libertarianism

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You may not like the sex/cultural education in your school district, such as this example in a middle school in New York. It’s another reason to homeschool your children.

A school district is a government, giving rise to taxes. Home schooling is an example of panarchist libertarianism being made real or actualized. The freedom of choice in governance is increased when parents secure the right to homeschool their children, rather than be subject to the territorial monopoly of a school district where they live. (Being able to move is not a full right because of the great costs involved; one cannot always find a job in a school district to one’s liking. Besides, the public schools are homogenized and cartelized, and that blunts the potential benefits of moving.)

This freedom of choice in schooling is incomplete because the financing is still a mess. The complete and simplest panarchist libertarian solution is that parents who home school do not have to pay any public school taxes. This has not yet been achieved. Instead there are various complex credit schemes that do not accomplish this and may not reduce taxes at all on a broader social scale.

The libertarian solution to the public schools is to abolish public schools. The panarchist libertarian solution is not to abolish public schools. It is to obtain and secure the right to homeschool one’s children and the right not to have to pay public school taxes.   By the same reasoning, it is a panarchist libertarian action if people without children were relieved of paying public school taxes. Let those who want public schools have them and fund them themselves. Let those who want other kinds of schooling have them and fund them themselves. That is the panarchist libertarian way. Abolishing public schools tells the other fellow he cannot have his public schools, even if he wants them. That is why libertarians should be panarchist libertarians.

6:46 am on June 6, 2013