Homeland Security . . . . . . . NOT! (As Borat Would Say)

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Most LRC readers probably heard of the “news” yesterday that a “report” from our laughingly-named “Homeland Security” bureaucracy said that only about four cities in the U.S. are reasonably secure; the rest are very susceptible to a terrist attack. The “study” apparently has a list of the most- to least-secure cities.

If our jackbooted Homeland Security bureaucrats were at all concerned with making us more secure from terrists (Dub-Yuh’s pronunciation), then of course they would not PUBLICLY announce the easist targets for terrists, as they did yesterday with this “report.” On the other hand, if their main objective is to frighten the public into acquiescing in having the Democrat Congress dump tens of billions of additional dollars their way, then such a “report” is exactly the kind of thing that EVERY government bureaucracy does. It has nothing to do with security, but everything to do with ripping off the taxpayers. As James Bennett documents in his book, Homeland Security Scams, this is arguably the biggest government pork barrel in the history of the world.

(Anyone want to guess why Laramie, Wyoming, in the home state of Dick Cheney, is among the most “secure” cities according to yesterday’s “report”?).

12:27 pm on January 4, 2007