Homeland Security Fun

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It’s hard to have fun in dreary 21st century America. But it is possible. A while back I wrote an article featuring the Ready Kids site, a Homeland Security “fun” web site that taught “preparedness” to children.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to find a bona fide analog copy of the Ready Kids Activity Book just lying around unwanted in my office.

workbook exterior2.JPG

So, wanting to be prepared, I grabbed a crayon and set to work learning all about homeland security: As you can see, “sofa” is an important word for Homeland Security enthusiasts for some reason.


And “calm” is of course very important as is the word “listen,” as in “listen carefully to everything the government tells you to do.” I’m really lousy at word searches, so I actually couldn’t find “listen.”

word search.JPG

Now, if these fun activities were to be really informative about Homeland Security, they would have included phrases like “police state” and “repeal habeus corpus” and “spy on your neighbors” but perhaps they’ll be in the next edition.

10:57 pm on July 11, 2008