Holy Hannity Absolved!

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The desperate neocon blowhard now plays God the Father — he has sifted through all of Ron Paul’s 644,000 Facebook fans and discovered one who was convicted of armed robbery!

Of course, Hannity has his pals at the Thought Police spying on his 644 listeners, too, no doubt, and they’re all clean.

Ron had better look out when his fan numbers hit 666 thousand. Hannity and Huckabee, the Holy Foxhounds, will no doubt be looking to burn him at the stake.

h/t to JH

Update: OK, I swallowed the bait. Sometimes parody is too close to the truth (e.g., “He had’is arm around’er, but he didn’t mean to drown’er, Good Ol’ Teddy K!).

But having dealt with Hannity before, and tracking down his “spiritual” Fox News pal, Father Jonathan, at his Rome seminary and getting a similar runaround, I thought this was just an instant replay.

Nonetheless, be warned: watch out for 666!

12:34 pm on December 29, 2011