Hmmm. Maybe the TSA’s Voodoo Works After All

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The TSA employed Minetta Walker for 9 years in its war on passengers. It even trained her to read minds, or so it pretends, as a Behavior Detection Officer.

And as BDOs go, Minnie was bad rather than horrific. She helped a friend by escorting him around the TSA’s nonsense, saving him from sexual assault on numerous occasions. Pity she isn’t still on the job, extending this largesse to more of the agency’s victims.

Unfortunately, the friend was carrying large amounts of cash that the Feds allege were profits from his illegal pharmacological pursuits. And so Minnie’s boss arrested and tried her, then sentenced her to two years in prison.

Meanwhile, she also seems to have alerted some of the friend’s associates that “they were under surveillance at the airport …” How did she know this? “Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Baumgarten said it was the special training Walker received as a behavior analyst that allowed her to spot the undercover surveillance operation.”

Finally! A worthwhile return on our taxes!

2:11 pm on January 6, 2012