Hitler’s Hotel

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I had never heard of Loews Hotels; see the blissful ignorance with which staying on the ground and avoiding the TSA’s groping blesses a gal? But apparently the corporation “has 18 hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada, including the 414-room Loews Atlanta.”

Loews also embraces economic fascism as enthusiastically as did Mussolini and his buddy, Adolf.

The company now pimps for bureaucracies in the Department of Homeland Security. It offers serfs a deal: If “its most loyal guests” will enroll in the “Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry and the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck” – furnishing the Feds with biographical and biometric information as we move ever closer to a “Papers, please” paradigm –, Loews will pay the program’s “$100 application fee.”

Loews’s chairman, Jonathan Tisch, defends his promotion of totalitarianism: “Our collaboration” — nice touch, isn’t it, echoing Vichy’s cooperation with the Nazis — “highlights the importance of the public and private sectors working together to improve hospitality for all our guests, whether that be at our hotels or traveling through an airport.”

Yo, Johnny: No hotel – or any other business — should trouble itself about what happens to customers beyond its walls. As your patron, I expect to enjoy my stay. Every aspect of it, in fact. Disappoint me, slight me, insult me, cheat me, and I won’t be back. But once I leave your premises, your interest in me ends. Otherwise, you’re annoying at best and creepy at worst. What do you think the outcry against corporations’ stalking-sorry, tracking us on the net is all about? Impinging on the rest of our lives, horning in to manage them for us and prying into our affairs, characterizes the State, not entrepreneurs.

Those of you cursed with travel in Amerika’s gulag may want to avoid Loews, given its horrific philosophy and its inevitably rising prices as it subsidizes the DHS’s police-state.

5:14 am on September 25, 2012