‘Hitler’s Haute Cuisine’

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I’m thinking of starting a restaurant that serves fine Viennese dishes. I’m going to call it “Hitler’s Haute Cuisine.” What do you think? Would it be a big hit?

How long (in nanoseconds) do you think it would be before there would be demonstrators protesting outside the restaurant, condemnatory editorials in the New York Times, and the ADL demanding that the name be changed?

I pose this question to you because I just came across a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles called “Mao’s Kitchen.” Yes, that Mao. From the restaurant’s website:

Mao loved to say, “Wei renmin fuwu!” — so here we say the same, “Serve the people!”

Yep, Mao sure did a hell of a job “serving” the Chinese people for over 30 years.

UPDATE: My friend in Los Angeles writes:

“Mao’s is located in Venice, CA on Pacific. A few years ago, while taking a photo class, I poked my head in there to inquire how long to make whatever. They said 20 minutes, but the place was empty. I walked out.”

The place sounds as economically-inefficient as its namesake.

12:01 pm on April 17, 2012