Hitler Analogies OK Again

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Just the other day, it seems, the mainstream media were getting the vapors over some sign maker at a Tea Party, who compared the corporatist Barack with the National Socialist Adolf. Such criticism should be ruled out of civil discourse. Purge the critics! Indeed, the perps should probably be bundled off to a FEMA camp. But as I discover from MSNBC and the rest, not only is it perfectly OK to compare Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona to Hitler, and portray her in a Nazi uniform and Adolf moustache, it is positively Progressive. I remember when Gov. Pete Wilson of California was portrayed as Hitler in the 1990s for supporting Prop. 187, which would have denied all welfare to illegal immigrants, and passed 59%-41%. The Capitol Hill “libertarians” took the Progressive view, as usual, in favor of welfare for all. Some federal kangaroo judge overruled the libertarian vote, of course. But this approach would have solved the problem. Government uses its vast powers to maintain “open borders,” when the natural order is borders, borders, and more borders, all private. But even under the current regime, if someone coming here without permission could have no access to public schools, Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, and all the rest, who could complain?

10:06 am on May 1, 2010