His Vision Is Brilliantly Clear on Some Things

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For unsurpassed irony, catch American tyrants lecturing Chinese ones on the latter’s abuse of dissident Chen Guangcheng. Other than holding Chen under house arrest rather than in prison, how does the Commies’ assault on him differ from what Our Rulers hope to wreak with the NDAA and its “indefinite detention”?

Meanwhile, Chen has told the American Embassy he hopes to stay in China. Good choice! After all, it’s freer there than here.

But then, “after the United States arranged a deal for his safety on Wednesday,” the poor man “told visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘I want to kiss you.’”

Only because you’re blind, Chen.

Recall that when her homicidal husband and his Attorney General were gassing and gunning down families in Waco, Texas, Hillary uttered not a single word of even the mildest protest. Ditto for that Administration’s whitewashing the FBI’s slaughter of a mother holding her baby and of her 14-year-old son at Ruby Ridge. You sure you still want to kiss this unconscionable monster, Chen?

8:34 am on May 2, 2012