Hey, Serfs!

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Writes a friend:

The other day we (wife, children) were going through (false) security at the airport. We split up to go through the lines, such that our refusals and opt outs are not so concentrated.

My wife got through pretty quickly with our young daughters (no X-ray or strip search, we try to find the right lines) My son and I were stuck in a different line.

We heard a “freeze, freeze” or something like this coming from the output side of (false) security (where my wife was), followed by further barking of commands. From where I was, I couldn’t see much.

It turns out they were doing a new drill. They want all passengers to freeze on command. My wife told me later that she didn’t follow this order fast enough, so the subsequent barks I heard were directed at her.

She took it up with one of the “employees” who was completely useless. Then a supervisor. My wife told her she isn’t accumstomed to being ordered around this way and wonders why our government feels it is appropriate. Then came the blank stare in reply.

My wife wanted to make a point of this as she didn’t feel our daughters should witness such behavior and think it acceptable.

I think back to when I was a child, playing and wrestling in the back of the station wagon on long trips – no seatbelts or child seats. Now we get yelled at in the airport.

I don’t feel safer….

8:03 am on July 6, 2012