Hey, Rachel

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Rachel Maddow, that is.  Since you have been tweeting LRC articles, and have got your panties in a knot over Ron Paul’s statement that parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964  were destructive of liberty, here are a few questions for your consideration:  Why do you think say, a Jewish restaurant owner, should be forced by the governent to serve a neo-Nazi wearing a swastika armband, who just finished marching in a “Hitler Was Right” parade down Main Street (legally protected by your buds at the ACLU, of course)?  Shouldn’t he be free to just say “Get the hell off of my property, you scumbag”?   Do you really think that forcing him to serve the Nazi, as the Civil Rights Act would do if enforced,  is conducive to freedom?  What would give the Nazi a “civil right” to agitate and hector the Jewish restaurant owner in this way?

10:44 am on May 25, 2010