Hey, Newt !!!

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Some old friends of mine work for Newt, and they read LRC (for education, not just opposition research). So here’s a message for their boss.

Newt, you’re undoubtedly aware that a lot of primary voters are voting for you, not because you are their first choice, but because they want to stop Rockefeller Romney. Some of them (far too many, frankly), are Ron Paul fans who voted for you in Florida, or who are thinking of voting for you in the future.

Newt, your organizing talents are few, and your hired goons got out of hand in Florida, assaulting a Ron Paul supporter and Florida citizen at one of your appearances — which was not a Gingrich rally, but a polling station on public property.

Newt, they broke his bones and assaulted him. And it appears that you’re blowing it off.

Newt, believe me, you need to apologize, quickly and publicly, to Eddie Dillard, the victim of your rogue employees. Pay his medical expenses and fire your staff imbeciles. If you don’t, and if those employees are still on your campaign payroll come Monday, Newt, you’re toast. You are toast.

Take a deep breath, Newt, come down to earth, and apologize. Fire the jerks and carry on. Blow it off, and you are, as they say back on campus, “history.”

Your friend,


8:35 pm on February 2, 2012