Hey, Chumps: Keep Those Taxes Pouring Into Our Greedy Little Paws!

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A friend who works for one of military’s corporate suppliers forwarded the following anguished memo “exactly as it was sent to me.”  He adds, “I have a different take on this than most of my coworkers, as you can probably surmise, but in the industry, the focus is less on whether or not a particular program or troop level is necessary versus how many jobs are gained or lost from it. In the industry, cuts are always bad.”

To wit:

Subject: Check out Hagel Forecasts Massive Cuts to Troop Numbers

Here ya go!  This is not a soap opera, folks; our complacency will be our demise!  Speak up and make a difference!

Hagel Forecasts Massive Cuts to Troop Numbers | Military.com

Why do I suspect our anonymous hand-wringer never urges his cronies to speak up and make a difference for liberty?

9:33 am on August 9, 2013