He’s Just Paying His Debt!

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Lew: Pres. O-bomb-a is probably just paying off his debt to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. History has shown the many recipients of this “prize” being so honored only after having spent years actively conductinbg wars. Barack had not had the opportunity to get a massive slaughter going in time to benefit from the 2009 award, and so it was given to him on credit. He received his award with an I.O.U. attached, and — like everyone else struggling to make payments these days — is endeavoring to justify the award after the fact by accelerating the war machinery.

We need to be careful on this one. Otherwise, we might start hearing Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Jimmy Carter yapping about how “peace” is just a “code word” for “racism;” that peace is desirable only to those who are uncomfortable with having a black man as president!

2:13 pm on February 1, 2010