Hertitage and Townhall.com

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An employee of the Heritage Foundation wrote to inform me that the Heritage Foundation sold “townhall.com” last year, so that it was unfair of me to associate the foundation with the views of the junior neo-fascist Ben Shapiro in an earlier blog (he wants sedition trials for war opponents). OK, I will amend my view that Heritage should be ashamed of itself for publishing such totalitarian-minded nonsense. However, I also did a quick Google search of Heritage and the PATRIOT Act, Dept. of Homeland Security, and domestic spying. One Heritage scholar says “Critics will say that John Ashcroft’s successes pale beside his failures, but they are wrong. Consider one example, the PATRIOT Act. . .”

Anther Heritage scholar proposes gigantic increases in funding for the Homeland Security Bureaucracy, the worst government bureauracy since the KGB. Yet another online article by a Heritage scholar defends Busholini’s domestic spying, saying it is constitutional.

In other words, it is very easy to do a quick search and find numerous Heritage Foundation scholars defending everything the administrtion does, no matter how unconstitutional it may appear. Not to mention the Foundation’s blind support for the war in Iraq. It may have spun off townhall.com, but Heritage’s scholars espouse all of the same bad ideas that are seen there and, of course, write for the site quite often themselves.

6:38 pm on February 16, 2006