Heroic Ziplocs

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Karen, the anti-Ziploc hysteria is beyond absurd.

I go through several gallon-sized Ziplocs a day. I love them. I buy them at Costco and use them for everything. I never wash them—I just throw them out. Even if they just touch a little lettuce or something. It is a joy to burn through them. They are cheap if you buy in bulk. Am I wasting a bit of money? Sure. But they are super convenient.

In fact, the idea of washing them, or bothering with some alternative, doesn’t strike me as more thrifty or “green” at all, not that that is my main concern. But the time it takes to deal with cleaning out and drying Ziplocs, the hassle of dealing with inferior products, the perils of plastic wrap and dishes in the fridge—it seems to me that Ziplocs deserve their fame and brand name recognition, and are probably less wasteful than other options, even if you exploit their disposable nature with as much relish as I do.

I like to stay stocked in three sizes: Gallon, quart, and sandwich. They are a wonder of the market, and I love to double them up if I am doing a brine or something. Not that it is necessary. These babies are durable as heck. Especially the freezer ones, which is my preferred variety. Peak into my icebox and you will see meats and breads in all their preserved glory. Scour my fridge and there are half a dozen more of these beautiful bags. Look in my pantry and you’ll see panko, polenta, and chocolates each in a designated Ziploc. Poke a hole in one and they are perfect for filling a cannelloni or distributing icing.

One area where I have very little sympathy for the left is environmentalist idiocy. I want clean air and water, which is another good reason to oppose the state and favor property rights, the only solution to pollution. But let’s not turn Ziploc fetishism into a mortal sin. Indeed, it seems like the left will defend you no matter what you do in the privacy of your own home, so long as it is not something truly despicable, like trying to keep food clean and fresh with the capitalist blessing known as a Ziploc.

1:13 pm on February 3, 2011