Herman Cain Wants Even Bigger Government Than Obama Does

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Having attended the Florida Straw Poll event this weekend my belief that freedom will never return to America until both major political parties are destroyed was bolstered. Herman Cain won handily after laying out his basic philosophy in a fifteen-minute speech on Saturday. He wants to reform the tax code, he says, but IT WILL BE REVENUE NEUTRAL. That is a direct quote. This is D.C. Speak for “We will never cut taxes; tax revenues must never, ever, be reduced by any “tax reform.”

On top of that, Cain insisted that, unlike others in D.C., he wants to INCREASE military spending even more than Obama has. So, he wants to guarantee that government spending will be even higher than it is now during the Obama regime. After saying all of this he was wildly cheered by the crowd of Florida Republicans, who then gave him more votes than Romney and  Perry combined.

Mark Cross of the Florida Campaign for liberty was Ron Paul’s surrogate for the end-of-conference, last-minute pitch. He came up with the best line of the entire event, explaining to the crowd that the media have chosen Perry and Romney as the only “acceptable” candidates because they represent the Al Gore and Ted Kennedy wings of the Republican Party, respectively. (Perry endorsed Al Gore when he ran for president, and Romney introduced socialized healthcare in Massachusetts).

7:30 am on September 25, 2011