Heritage Foundation Stink Bomb

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The latest e-mail I received from Jim DeMint at the Heritage Foundation says:

Are you tired of the government squandering your hard-earned money? They’ve run up a $17 trillion debt with spending on bloated entitlement programs and wasteful boondoggles like lavish trips to the Caribbean. We’re tired of it too. And with Tax Day just around the corner, we invite you to join The Heritage Foundation and save the date for the 2014 Tax Day Money Bomb on April 15.

No mentioned that Jim DeMint and his fellow Republicans are partly responsible for the $17 trillion debt. It doubled under Bush. You know, the Republican president who had a Republican majority in Congress for over four years.

Another e-mail I received says: “Tax Day is April 15. It’s a reminder of a grim fact: you’re surrendering a portion of what you have rightfully earned to Washington lawmakers, who squander it on wasteful government programs.” Again, no mention of the billions that Jim DeMint and his fellow Republicans squandered on wasteful government programs.

Are conservatives who donate to the Heritage Foundation as dumb as DeMint implies?

2:54 pm on April 5, 2014