Here’s Another Furriner Who Hates Us For Our Freedoms

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A reader who dubs herself TheIneffableSwede, commenting at The Guardian on the Thieves and Sexual Assailants, writes, “At this point, I’d rather be killed by a terrorist than going [sic] on living through this horror show. I visited California last month and a TSA agent groped my breasts in full view of other passengers and made it quite clear that she enjoyed feeling me up and she made sure to squeeze extra hard, too.

“Oh, and she asked me my bra size, too. I refused to answer (in fact, I refused to speak to her), which made them pull me aside for even more screening. They turned my bags inside out and one TSA agent screamed (that’s the right word for it) at me–again, in full view of other passengers.

“That’s my last visit to the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care if it hurts my academic or professional career, I refuse to visit the USA. By the way, when the next terrorist attack hits the United States, expect zero sympathy from me. You’ve earned it.”

Heck of a job there, TSA. Thanks for gate-raping victims into such hatred of Americans.

5:47 am on July 5, 2013