Here’s a Lesson the Corporate Media Won’t Teach

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Predictably, the corporate media is exploiting the murders in Connecticut to propagandize. Among the lessons it crams down our throats is, of course, our “need” to more thoroughly control people who own guns. A second is that the slime in the White House may be human after all because he cried (geez). But how fascinating that another isn’t, “Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be students in the government’s lethal public schools, or worse yet, teachers.”

Those indoctrination centers are lethal on many levels, too, not just the physical one. If you’re a parent, you  owe your child an education in your home. Schooling him is a sacred, God-given duty, nor one you should surrender to the State, which then uses that as an excuse to rob taxpayers.

6:46 am on December 15, 2012