Henry’s Last Gasp

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In a feeble attempt at a tour de force, he calls again for a New World Order. Furiously spewing false dichotomies, he serves to the last his super-rich international clients (whom he has always refused to reveal).He insists now that every country must “redefine its national priorities.” Or else.

Savor that for a moment. Instead of cleaning house, throwing out the self-serving third-raters who have hijacked the American dream for their own prurient power and profit, the virtuous people of Federalist 57 should relent, honor the hijackers’ claim to superiority, trash the Constitution, and let them hire Henry to write a New One.

This is the last act of a man who has lived a life of self-indulgent, studied megalomania. You gotta hand it to him, he’s got Chutzpah: Hire Henry, or else: “The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”

There is the key: whatever Henry and his decadent and disastrous pals can’t control is by definition evil. And fearful. And must be reversed by a “global agreement” with new “general rules” that everybody must follow – or else.

Henry, meet the Leviathan. Unfortunately, Hobbes was wrong and Aquinas and Jefferson were right. The alternative isn’t chaos. The alternative is freedom, following “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”Postscript:

Naturally, Henry calls his version of tyranny “new,” but of course it ain’t.

But how to avoid it? Since Socrates, the answer has been simple, and political philosopher (and my teacher) Eric Voegelin puts it quite succinctly:

“Socrates understood (what modern political reformers and revolutionaries seem unable to understand) that a reform cannot be achieved by a well-intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the cause of the disorder.”

Eric Voegelin, Plato and Aristotle, P. 5.

To call Henry “morally confused” is an act of charity — but it is sufficient to the task. We need not institutionalize him; we need merely to ignore him.

8:15 am on January 13, 2009