Help Me Out Here

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Until they buy drones with our taxes and draw up their own hit lists a la Obummer, the public schools seem to rely on only one “punishment”: suspension. This they dispense as freely as they do Ritalin for a wide variety of behaviors irritating to the adult bullies running things.

Which means the child must absent himself from the educational gulag, correct? During that blissful hiatus, his life and limb aren’t in mortal danger, no cretin made even more cretinous with a degree from some teacher’s college bores him silly, no school psychologist can take a whack at addicting him to a legal drug.

Why is this considered punishment? What am I missing? Heck, were I a parent, I’d go ‘em one better and say, “Thanks for the 5 days Trevor can now spend with me. By the way, he won’t be coming back afterwards, either. Your loss, bozo.”

11:43 am on February 7, 2013