Help! I’ve Been Robbed!

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Oh, it’s just tax day. Joe Sobran once posited the thought experiment: What are our taxes worth – would you give up your right to vote, not to pay them? I was looking to link the article and found one with this Gem instead:

Several readers have pointed out that I recently referred to President William McKinley as “James” McKinley. I am big enough to admit my mistakes, but why don’t these people get a life? It’s not as if any of them was on first-name terms with presidents.

Anyway, it was a natural slip. I was momentarily confusing McKinley with his predecessor, James Cleveland. Besides, so many of our presidents have been named James: James Madison, James Monroe, James Polk, James Buchanan, James Carter, and, of course, James Clinton, though he lied about his name so that when his wife answered the phone and a sultry female voice asked for “Bill,” Mrs. Clinton would assume it was a wrong number.

The rest of the article attacks the notion that wanting to keep your own money is somehow greedy, correctly pointing out that it is government greed to want to tax us in the first place.

More Joe Sobran on taxes and voting.

8:22 am on April 15, 2013