He Tried for the Libertarian Nomination

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Writes David Beito: “My respect for Mike Gravel has skyrocketed. Whatever you think of Palin, this interview is absolutely priceless. The smug pro-Obama Pacifica hosts are simply left speechless. Gravel gets in a few good licks at the end attacking the Democrats as the party of imperialism.”

UPDATE from Bill Faust: “Gravel’s Northeast coordinator called me last Fall to ask for help from Ron’s supporters when NBC shut Gravel out of the Drexel University debate in Philadelphia. We surmised that that was arms merchant GE’s decision. Perhaps twenty-five or so of us rallied with Gravel supporters who were surprised to see solidarity with Ron’s supporters. Disgustingly, a great many of the Hillary and Obama “supporters” had been paid $50 for their rah-rah.

“Shut out, Gravel set up camp in a live entertainment venue a stone’s throw from the debate. Using a Tivo, he entertained and informed the crowd by applying humor and incisive analysis to decode the other Democratic candidates’ debate comments. Socialism aside, the man clearly operates with an IQ north of 140 and he is a really funny and witty guy. I would love to have him at a dinner party. Moreover, he respects the rule of law and understands the commandments Do not Murder and Do not Steal Oil for Empire.

“We also rallied for Ron Paul which surprised the crowd since this was a Democratic debate. Chris Matthews was doing interviews under a tent canopy and he apparently did not like how we were dominating his cameras’ crowd shots with our huge pole-mounted R3volution banners, or our “Ron Paul, Ron Paul!” roars, as one of his security goons forcibly stole a banner from a supporter. He gave it back when our “engine” got someone to film him for a YouTube video.

“I will send oranges to you at your FEMA camp.”

3:24 pm on September 12, 2008