Hayek, Mises, and Changing Norms of ‘Politically Acceptable’ Speech

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Referencing Hoppe’s essay I wanted to share this observation. Our states’ rights-supporting Attorney General, Cuccinelli, has been publicly mentioning Hayek, and The Road to Serfdom, to widespread conservative applause. I see this credentialling-style talk as reflecting, at a very minimum, that many Americans are beginning to identify with the word “serf.” Since my public challenge to the incumbent RINO in the 6th District of VA, we are likewise seeing a new kind of language. This knee-jerk 100% Patriot Act supporter and internet poker prohibitionist has begun to talk more frequently about liberty and limited government! Most strangely, in a talk last month he gave in the southern mountains of our District to a small group, it was reported to me that he actually mentioned Mises. It is certainly cause for a wink and a chuckle among those of us who truly and honestly understand that the state is no more than a bandit gang writ large, and “Those who are asking for more government interference are asking ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom.” And did I mention, LONG LIVE LEWROCKWELL.COM!!!

8:04 am on October 13, 2011