Hayden the True Culprit

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Former director of the US National Security Agency,” Michael Hayden, is out there again, trying to blame individuals for the State’s evils.

“Speaking in [London] at an event organised by the Henry Jackson Society,” this unspeakably wicked thug who justified torture alleged that “now the things that fundamentally affect citizens most, like cyber attacks, terrorism and transnational crime, are not the product of nation states. They are the product of nation state weakness or nation state absence.”

Really? The government of the United States has “produced” the biggest “cyber attack” of all time: it is aggressively spying on the entire world. And the president of Brazil just blasted it at the UN for its cyber-espionage against her personally as well as her nationalized oil company.

Terrorism? Bingo: the Feds win again. From the false flags of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon to the poison-gas in Syria and the CIA’s innumerable skullduggeries around the planet over the last 50 years, the crimes of DC’s sociopaths far outweigh those of any “product[s] of nation state weakness or nation state absence.”

“Transnational crime” comes no bigger nor more devastating than war. And here the Feds lose their superiority: they must share the title with many other “nation states.” (Geez, Hayden, lose the jargon.)

For what it’s worth, this serial liar would ask Congressmen, “Why didn’t you read the letter sent to all of you in 2009 and in 2011 before you reauthorised the Patriot Act, which clearly says the NSA was collecting metadata on all phone calls in the United States.”

Yo, Mike: it’s not that they didn’t read it. It’s that they have no more morals nor concern for the Constitution than you. But still, thanks for outing your cronies as liars. The next time any of them claim, “But we didn’t know the extent of the NSA’s nosiness,” we serfs will simply laugh.

12:59 pm on October 1, 2013