Have I Gone “Mainstream”?

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The British Mail Online trashes the Spielberg Lincoln movie for its grossly inaccurate, fairy tale portrayal of Dishonest Abe (as I did here and here).  Citing various “mainstream” historians, the article says the film “grossly exaggerates Lincoln’s role in ending slavery” through the Thirteenth Amendment, the theme of the movie.  In reality, Lincoln was “a racist who used the N-word liberally, who believed that whites were superior to blacks” and “wanted to pack the freed slaves off to hard new lives on plantations abroad.”  Lincoln “told racist jokes” and “enjoyed black minstrel shows.”  This of course is not news to those who have read my numerous LRC articles on Lincoln, or The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked.

“You might not pick up on this from the almost saintly portrayal” [of Lincoln] in the Spielberg movie, says the Mail.

The Mail smoked out Spielberg’s political motivation when it writes of how state-worshipping “commentators” hope the film “might restore Americans’ shattered confidence in their political leaders.”  Our “confidence” is “shattered” by the reality of our “leaders'” actual behavior, so the Hollywood Left is attempting to fill our heads with lies and fantasies in service of the state and statism — their own  true “religion.”

The buffoonish Lincoln cultist Harold Holzer is quoted as saying but, but, but, “He [Lincoln] saved the American dream.”  Not for as many as 850,000 men who died in Lincoln’s war (according to the latest research), Harold.  (Thanks to Lew for bringing the Mail article to my attention).

7:03 pm on January 14, 2013