Has Karl Rove Always Been So Wrong?

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My Texas friends tell me yes. I’ve seen him in action with conservative groups, with a masterful grasp of arcane facts — but a Game Boy has more memory, and is less inane.

Today he tells the WSJ that McCain must convince America of the importance of the Iraq War. Once we swallow that whopper, Rove serves up an even better one: “Republicans also face challenges with the young (whose opposition to the war and attraction to Mr. Obama have made them Democrats)” — conveniently and intentionally (remember his mind is a junior Game Boy) ignoring Ron Paul’s inspiration of millions of young people, who are fed up with the cynical manipulations of people like — Karl Rove!

All this he puts under the title of, “The GOP must stand for something”! As in, let’s embrace the same policies that have destroyed the GOP, the conservative movement, the pro-family coalitions — Claes Ryn is right,the Jacobins have triumphed. The revolution requires annihilation of reality to make way for the new abstract universalism in which the neocons can rule the world.

9:48 am on May 15, 2008